The Gluten-Free Diet

Learn All About Gluten Before Starting The Diet.

Before you dive into gluten-free living, it is extremely useful to learn what you can and cannot eat. Gluten is sneaky stuff and will appear in surprising places. 

Get started by reading through our information on the basics of the gluten-free diet. For deeper information, download our comprehensive e-book (coming soon).

Important: Complete All Diagnostic Testing BEFORE Starting a Gluten-Free Diet.

Tests for Celiac Disease Are Only Accurate When Eating Gluten.

Before you ignore our advice and try out a gluten-free diet to see how you feel, consider the following:

In order for an accurate diagnosis for celiac disease, you must return to eating a daily portion of gluten for six to eight weeks. Most likely all the unpleasant symptoms you have been trying to cure will return. Additionally, any healing you have achieved will be reversed.

If You Have Been Diagnosed With Celiac Disease, Your Diet Must Be 100% FREE of Gluten.

Just a crumb of wheat bread can initiate an immune reaction for people with celiac disease. The safe limit for  gluten for someone with celiac disease is less than 20 parts per million. Take one slice of bread and divide up into 350 tiny pieces and you will have the allowable amount. Every crumb counts.

Focus On What You CAN Eat Rather Than What You Are Missing.

There are only a few ingredients that are off limits on a gluten-free diet: wheat, rye, and barley all contain gluten.  

Unfortunately, these three grains are in a lot of foods.  

There are hundreds of other things you can eat. All single ingredient, unadulterated food is gluten-free. Additionally, there are fifty other grains that do not contain gluten that you can safely eat.

Maintain a Postive Attitude.

Living gluten-free can be frustrating. Joining a support group and connecting with other people on the same journey makes a big difference in how you view your diet. 

Learn New Recipes and Adapt Old Favorites.

Dust off your old cook books and learn how to adapt your old recipes into a new safe gluten-free version.

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