Why Test for Celiac Disease?

Why Is It Important To Test For Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease is a serious autoimmune condition and a definitive diagnosis is essential. If a gluten-free diet is started before diagnosis, tests for celiac disease can be unreliable and can show a false negative.

The gluten-free diet is not a trivial undertaking. It requires lifestyle changes and a whole new set of skills for dealing with every aspect of food. Without a firm diagnosis, it is difficult to commit to a lifelong gluten free diet. As people feel better, it becomes easier to either give up on the diet or cheat occasionally. People with undiagnosed celiac disease are damaging their bodies each time gluten is consumed.

If testing is positive, then a lifelong gluten-free diet is currently the only option. If testing is negative, a gluten-free diet may be very helpful in alleviating symptoms, but the same level of commitment is not necessary.

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