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Avoiding Gluten Is Hard

1 out of 3 gluten-free labelled restaurant dishes contain gluten. 

Based on thousands of tests of restaurant dishes that were specified gluten-free, as reported by the Nima community.

Nima Can Help Improve the Quality of Life

Have Nima, Will Travel

The sensor fits in yoru purse or pocket. Know what's in your food anytime, anywhere.

No-Fuss Science

Each capsule is a fast, disposable chemistry test engineered and proven by MIT scientists.

People Powered Reviews

Share your results in the app and search tested restaurants and products from people like you.

What Is A Nima Sensor?

Nima is a portable food sensor designed to test small samples of foods for the possible presence of gluten. Nima is like a portable lab test with no mess. 

When you test foods with Nima, a complex chemical/mechanical process takes place, allowing Nima to tell you whether or not gluten was detected in the sample. With Nima’s test results in mind you can make more educated and empowered decisions about the foods you choose to eat, and where you choose to dine out. 

How Does Nima Work?

There are three parts to Nima: the sensor itself, the disposable test capsules and the Nima app. Together they identify gluten protein in samples of food through a combination of antibody-based chemistry and a finely tuned optical sensor. 

To use Nima, you will pace a small sample of the food you want to test in a disposable capsule, then insert the capsule into the Nima sensor to run the test. In a few minutes the Nima sensor will indicate whether or not the presence of gluten was detected, and you will be much more informed about your food. 

Why should I use Nima?

If you or your loved ones have a food sensitivity to gluten, Nima is for you.

Nima empowers you with an extra layer of information about your food. While Nima can’t guarantee that your entire meal will be free from gluten, testing a sample of your food with Nima gives you information you’ve never had access to before, and can help you make more informed decisions about what you choose to eat.

  • Curious if the gluten-free pasta you ordered is really gluten-free? Test with Nima.
  • No certified gluten-free label? Test with Nima.
  • Anxious about clearly communicating your dietary needs when traveling? Test with Nima.
  • Not sure if your gluten-free needs are being understood? Test with Nima.

For more information about Nima, visit our FAQ page.

Good things happen when we work together.

Nima is brought to you through an outstanding partnership between and Gluten Free Singapore Support Group. Purchase and delivery of your Nima Sensor and Capsules will be through

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Food & Beverage

What should my restaurant know about Nima?​

Nima is a portable device that lets customers test their food for allergens they are trying to avoid.

When a patron is using Nima in your restaurant, it’s likely because eating gluten will cause them physical harm or discomfort. Nima will help identify gluten in food even when staff are unaware. Nima empowers people who need to avoid specific ingredients to visit places they might otherwise be scared to try, and encourages them to explore new dining options with more information than ever before.

For more information about Nima for Food and Beverage , please link here.

Medical Professionals

Why should I recommend Nima to my patients?

Nima can be extremely helpful to people who need to avoid gluten. It’s the first ever portable, discreet test for finding gluten in samples of food, and it’s the fastest test on the market (testing results appear in just a few minutes).

If your patients are concerned about avoiding gluten, Nima can be a great tool to help them make better choices to avoid contamination. Nima is designed to provide a quick and easy extra layer of data not currently available to people who need to avoid gluten, and is optimized to detect gluten for 20 parts per million in a sample of food.

We know that each practice has a different set of patients and needs, so it’s up to each doctor to determine the needs of each patient and their ability to eat safely. Nima is not meant to be a substitute for the diligence each person should use in making choices about the food they eat, but should be used an extra layer of data to help people make even more informed eating decisions based on their dietary needs and restrictions.

What should a medical professional know about Nima?

Nima is device available to consumers to use to test their food for gluten.

Nima was founded by MIT graduates who themselves needed to avoid gluten. It’s a portable lab test that is helping provide an additional data point of information who are trying to maintain a free-from diet but wanting to maintain a high quality of life. This includes eating out, trying new foods, socializing and traveling.

Nima should be used in conjunction with established best practices. It’s not meant to be a replacement for discussions with wait-staff, reading labels or carrying an epi-pen.

The Nima team did extensive testing over several years before shipping Nima gluten in January 2017. Internal validating test results have been submitted to peer reviewed journals and is pending publication. We have also completed third party validation testing which is also pending peer reviewed journal publication.

For more information about Nima for Medical Professionals, please link here.

Learn More About Nima

For more information about Nima, visit our FAQ page.