Australian Gluten-Free Life Magazine Issue 18


Beat the winter blues with issue 18, a tribute to all the good things winter has to offer.

Inside we give much-loved winter dishes a gluten-free makeover. From comforting bowls of chili to our self-saucing choc caramel puddings and mandarin curd tarts, everyone will find something to delight.

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Recipe Topics in Issue 18 
  • In Season: Sweet Potatoes
  • Classic Curries: The secret to creating fuss-free curries at home
  • Taste Test: Our tasting panel samples gluten free pies
  • Global Morning: The best gluten-free breakfast from around the world.
  • Sweets with Zing: We give curd a dairy free makeover
  • Vegan Comfort Food: vegan meals in 15 minutes? Yes please!
  • Soul Food: Classic comfort foods
  • Duck-Licious: Get cooking with duck
  • Warming Signals : Gluten free puddings that are the perfect end to a winter meal.
  • Hidden Gltuen: Is your medication making you sick? 
  • Your Guide to Fiber: Top tips to boost fiber the gluten-free way
In Every Issue
  • Health News
  • Research News
  • Nutrition News
  • Meal Plans
  • Travel (the best gluten-free pizza in Italy!)


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