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Frequently Asked Questions

Check our answers for the most commonly asked questions about listing in our directory.

Why should we list here?

The gluten-free community spends enormous time and effort finding places and products that accommodate their diet. Gluten Free Singapore is a central hub where all of the gluten-free providers can be easily found by the community who most needs them. 

We have gluten-free options but also use wheat/gluten in our kitchen

We understand that not all places have the luxury of being a dedicated gluten-free business. One of the most important things we list is information about what you can and cannot do. This allows people to make an educated decision as to if your business is right for them. 

What are your levels of 'gluten-free-ness'?

We have several categories for restaurants:

Dedicated Gluten Free:
No gluten containing ingredients are used in the kitchen or restaurant.

Celiac Friendly:
Establishment is not dedicated gluten-free but the kitchen follows careful food prep practices to eliminate the risk of cross contamination

Gluten Aware:
Gluten-free options are available on the menu, but kitchen space and utensils are shared with gluten containing items.

This allows readers to make an informed and responsible decision based on their own needs.

What information do you need?

Our questionnaire covers many questions that are important to the gluten-free community. Not all of the information we collect is posted in the listing, some is for our knowledge to help us understand the risk of potential cross contamination.  

Please refer to our directory entries for the information that will be viewable by our readers.  

How do I get listed?

Select your listing type (Restaurant or Shop/Service) from the buttons below. Fill out the requested information and hit submit. We will be back to you soon with confirmation of your listing.

How much does a listing cost?

Currently it is free to list your business in the Gluten-Free Directory. It will remain free until the end of 2018. We can’t make any promises after that, so please hurry and submit your listing.

Can any business be listed?

To be listed, you need to specifically serve the gluten-free community in a way that similar businesses cannot. For example restaurants that have gluten-free options on their menu or products that make items safe for gluten-free customers. 

Sorry, we do not list general business that do not specifically accommodate the gluten-free community. For example, anyone can visit a yoga studio or car dealership regardless of their dietary restrictions.  

I still have more questions...

Send us a note via our Contact Page or send an email to  We will get back to you as soon as possible.