Kitchen by Food Rebel

Kitchen by Food Rebel

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A Food Rebel believes in the power of choice.
A Food Rebel believes in knowing how their food is produced.
A Food Rebel believes in understanding the impact food has on the body.
Are you a Food Rebel?

Eat Good. Feel Good. We believe in 80/20 eating. 80% real, unprocessed food that fuels and heals your body and 20% of the foods are whatever you fancy. Let Kitchen by Food Rebel be your 80%.

We have passion and pride in the food we prepare for you and we don’t cut corners. We’re cooking up a rebellion and you’ll find us in the Kitchen!

Kitchen is the new concept eatery by Food Rebel. We we want to prove to you that good, healthy food can be imaginative, warm and simply delicious.

We’re all inclusive, catering to individuals with allergies, quality sourced meat lovers, vegans, vegetarians, people with dietary restrictions such as dairy & gluten, special nutrition for athletes, muscle building, weight loss or recovery meals.

We source locally, organically and seasonally wherever possible.

You need to know:

✓ Celiac Friendly – Establishment is not dedicated gluten-free but the kitchen follows careful food prep practices to eliminate the risk of cross contamination
✓ No additional surcharge
Shared prep area

Kitchen by Food Rebel can also accommodate:

✓ Dairy Free, ✓ Egg Free, ✓ Nut Free, ✓ Paleo, ✓ Vegetarian, ✓ Vegan, ✓ Halal

How Kitchen by Food Rebel does gluten-free...

The only item containing gluten is bread, this is prepared only on one station in the kitchen.

Gluten-free bread is celiac suitable and cooked on a tray to avoid cross-contamination.

All items on the menu are marked gluten free where relevant and oats are noted to not be suitable for celiacs as they are organic but not certified gluten free.

The kitchen cooks without any dairy in the meals, the only items not suitable for gluten sensitive customers is the bread & oats.

Catering options available for office meetings, parties or events.

All cakes are gluten, dairy & refined sugar free. Some are raw & vegan.


28 Stanley Street



+65 6224 7088


Monday – Friday 8 – 6pm
Kitchen closes for hot food at 5.30pm

Saturday 9-3pm

Gluten Free Singapore makes every effort of research, visit and review restaurants that offer gluten-free options. Restaurant menus, ingredients, staff and preparation practices change often and may not always coincide with this website’s description of them. Gluten Free Singapore cannot guarantee the safety of any eating establishment for gluten-free diners. Always use your own best judgement when eating out.