Ocha Fresh Thai

Ocha Fresh Thai

Casual Dining

Ocha Fresh Thai aims to plug a gap in the local Thai food landscape. Conceptualized by a Singapore-based Thai national on a quest to find true-tasting Thai food outside of Thailand, the restaurant serves tasty, quality Thai food that is sure to satisfy the taste buds of everyday foodies.

You need to know:

Gluten Aware – gluten-free options are available but there is a potential risk for cross contamination
✓ No additional surcharge
Shared prep area

Ocha Fresh Thai can also accommodate:

✓ Dairy Free, ✓ Egg Free, ✓ Nut Free, ✓ Vegetarian, ✓ Vegan


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How Ocha Fresh Thai does gluten-free...

Two of our rice bowls (Grilled Chicken & Basil / Grilled Chicken & Cashew Nut) contain soy sauce with low levels of gluten. Also, our Roti Bread is wheat-based and therefore contains gluten, as does our Lemongrass Chicken Wings. The rest of our food (including all of our noodle dishes, which are rice-based) does not contain gluten. However, there may be trace amounts of gluten present in some of the ingredients used in our cooking


182 Cecil Street
02-16/17, Frasers Tower Level 2



+65 6304 3292


Mon: 10am-7pm
Tuesday – Friday: 10am-8pm
Closed on weekends and public holidays.

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