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At Superfudo, we don’t tell you how you should eat. You know best how you feel and how you want to feel.We specialise in quality protein bowls, that you mix-and-match from a wide choice of freshly-prepared whole GRAINS, perfectly succulent sous-vided MEAT, and wholesome not-cooked-to-death VEG – you just eat.

(Psst, we even have a few ‘cheat toppings’, because, well, we’re human too)

You need to know:

✓ Celiac Friendly – Establishment is not dedicated gluten-free but the kitchen follows careful food prep practices to eliminate the risk of cross contamination
✓ No additional surcharge
✓ Separate prep area

Superfudo can also accommodate:

✓ Dairy Free, ✓ Egg Free, ✓ Paleo, ✓ Vegetarian, ✓ Vegan


Anything that contains gluten is clearly labeled for celiac customers. There is a great variety of choice across our menu!

How Superfudo does gluten-free...

We adopt a single or minimal-ingredient approach to all our offerings, to make our food as friendly to everyone as possible, and invest in alternatives like gluten-free soy sauce. Food items that contain gluten or dairy are marked on the menu to make ordering easy. For complete peace-of-mind, our staff are able to advise further on ingredients if requested.


15 Lor Liput, Singapore



+65 9325 9362


9am to 10pm daily

Gluten Free Singapore makes every effort of research, visit and review restaurants that offer gluten-free options. Restaurant menus, ingredients, staff and preparation practices change often and may not always coincide with this website’s description of them. Gluten Free Singapore cannot guarantee the safety of any eating establishment for gluten-free diners. Always use your own best judgement when eating out.