Bud of Joy

Bud of Joy

Bakery, Specialty Cakes

Gluten-free breads that are also vegan with no gums, soy, nuts nor additives
Also selected gluten-free cakes and cookies. All made with certified organic ingredients without any preservatives nor additives.

How Bud of Joy does it...

We ensure all bowls and utensils are clean and dry before use to make the gluten-free products. Also, we have a dedicated milling machine for strictly gluten free grains and we store all gluten-free ingredients separately from wheat products in air tight boxes.

Where to Find Us

Visit our store, Order products online


71 circuit road  #01-31

Singapore, 370071


Tuesdays to Saturday, 11am to 6pm

Delivery Options

Delivery charge of $8.20 applies


We make our gluten-free breads, cakes and muffins in-house as well as spreads.

Did you know?

We use only certified organic ingredients without the use of gums, additives, soy, or peanuts. Instead we use fibres like psyllium husks, chia and flaxseeds to make our gluten-free products.

Gluten Free Singapore makes every effort of research, visit and review the shops and services that offer gluten-free options. Recipes, ingredients, staff and preparation practices change often and may not always coincide with this website’s description of them. Gluten Free Singapore cannot guarantee the safety of any product that is not certified by an accredited organization. Always use your own best judgement when choosing products.