Kiwi Kitchen

Kiwi Kitchen

Importer of gluten-free goods

Kiwi Kitchen has a large selection of gluten-free products all sourced directly from New Zealand. New Zealand is highly regarded for its clean, green environment. This is reflected in the strict food safety standards that producers must meet, ensuring a quality product that consumers can trust.

How Kiwi Kitchen does it...

All products display the nutrient profiles as well as ingredient listing on the packaging. Products are produced in dedicated gluten-free bakeries where applicable.

Where to Find Us

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34 Lorong 6 Realty Park


Open 24/7 as online business

Delivery Options

Delivery is free for orders over $80. There is no minimum order but orders less than $80 incur a $13.50 delivery fee.


Our GF brands include:

• Vogels Bread
• Quality Bakers
• Bakeworks
• Phoenix Gluten Free Bakery
• Annies Fruit Bars
• Fruit Hitz Puree Snacks

Did you know?

Kiwi Kitchen also stocks a large selection of vegan/vegetarian products as well as gluten containing products, all sourced directly from New Zealand.

Gluten Free Singapore makes every effort of research, visit and review the shops and services that offer gluten-free options. Recipes, ingredients, staff and preparation practices change often and may not always coincide with this website’s description of them. Gluten Free Singapore cannot guarantee the safety of any product that is not certified by an accredited organization. Always use your own best judgement when choosing products.