Mekhala Living

Mekhala Living

Importer of gluten-free goods

Mekhala is a Singaporean/Thai whole foods brand that produces organic, all-natural, GLUTEN and nut-free, vegan-friendly foods made with only the best ingredients. Based in Singapore, we manufacture our products in our own facility in Chiang Mai, where we source beautiful ingredients from local farmers.

How Mekhala Living does it...

Mekhala was founder in 2012 with the aim of creating organic, gluten and nut-free and vegan Asian foods. We set up a factory to produce our pastes, sauce, dressings and snacks to ensure we have control over the product quality and purity.

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Our gluten-free organic cooking pastes such as Thai Curry, Tom Yum, Vietnamese Lemongrass Turmeric, Rendang, Sambal, Laksa and more, make great curries, stir fries and marinades. Our sauces/dressings are equally versatile! Try our fabulous Pad Thai, Roasted Sesame Garlic, or Coriander Ginger dressings.

Did you know?

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