Phoon Huat

Phoon Huat

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Founded in 1947 and headquartered in Singapore, Phoon Huat is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality bakery ingredients, tools and services for the consumer retail, foodservice as well as artisan and industrial bakeries.

We connect ingredients and expertise to help ensure that the only limits to what a baker can achieve is their imagination.

By leveraging on our global network of supplier partners, we ensure availability of specialized ingredients from around the world on a “best total value” philosophy to empower bakers to bring out their creative brilliance, grow their businesses and delight their customers.

How Phoon Huat does it...

Phoon Huat and RedMan stores stock many products that are gluten-free including flavouring, colouring, tortilla chips, cheeses, rolled fondant, extracts and meat rubs and sauces as well as trusted international brands producing gluten-free products.

Where to Find Us

Visit our store, Order products online, Products available through local retailers


14 locations around Singapore


We have 14 stores dotted around Singapore that are open 7 days a week. For more specific information on opening hours and store addresses, please click here.

Delivery Options

Home delivery is available! To place an order, contact us at or +65 6554 4333.


Did you know?

We provide occasional gluten-free baking classes. Join us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on our classes. Search for Phoon Huat.

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