The Gluten Free Singaporean

The Gluten Free Singaporean


Gluten-free baked goods, from cakes and muffins to pies and quiches.

How The Gluten Free Singaporean does it...

All flours are sourced from certified gluten free manufacturers such as Bob’s Red Mill.
Everything is baked in my home where I am the primary cook and bottle washer. I am gluten intolerant and everything I cook is gluten-free and the chances of cross contamination are minimal.

Where to Find Us

Order over phone or by email, visit website for ordering information


Serangoon, Singapore


Online Shop

Delivery Options

Delivery Fee of $10 – $20 (depends on locations)


Everything is made to order. If you have a craving for something that you can’t eat anymore I will try to recreate it. I am still trying to get that perfect loaf of bread..

Did you know?

I have been gluten-free since 2012 and have experimented with all types of flours before I found the blend I like working with. I use sorghum, millet, rice and potato starch to create my base flours for all the baking I do.

Gluten Free Singapore makes every effort of research, visit and review the shops and services that offer gluten-free options. Recipes, ingredients, staff and preparation practices change often and may not always coincide with this website’s description of them. Gluten Free Singapore cannot guarantee the safety of any product that is not certified by an accredited organization. Always use your own best judgement when choosing products.